Deep & heartfelt gratitude for the compassion, understanding & financial support you’ve given our family. We’re on our way home to continue recovery & resume our lives in Nelson.

Thank you for your support.

We greatly appreciate the help that our family received last year from Nelson Friends of the Family, when my daughter was hospitalized in Vancouver. She returned to school this February and I'’’m happy to share that she is doing well and she’s excited to be graduating weather peers this weekend from LVR- the Grad Class of 2017. We would love to give back in some way.

Thank you for all your support for my daughter. 2018 sent us to Children’s Hospital 3 times and we needed your support in December & February. Thank you for making it possible for my daughter to have life altering eye surgery and the best possible follow up, she’s doing amazing! Not having to worry about the money for her trips has been the best gift we could have gotten.

Thank you.

Our family received support from NFOF many years ago when our life was in chaos and major medical decisions were upon us. Having the support and funds taken care of permitted our focus to be on our daughter’s recovery. I am forever thankful to our community who came to bat for her then and continue to embrace her throughout her lifetime.

I would be happy to assist as I am able. You have all provided incredible service to our fragile kids, yet another gold star for Nelson.

Our deepest gratitude to your organization & staff: Thanks to your generous and compassionate giving, you relieved a great financial burden at a very stressful time in our lives, and made it possible for us to attend to our son during his care at Kelowna General Hospital, NICU.

This has certainly been an eye opener to us because we had never felt the measure of what you do until now. We can now attest as to the significance of your organization in our community. We are so grateful for all that you’ve done. Each day we look at our soon we will forever be reminded of just how important you truly are.

Thanks to you and the board from Friends of the Family for bringing a ray of sunshine to our week.

Your support to me has a value beyond measure, you have all been my angels.

Sometimes we can be heartbroken, everything feels too much… yet surprisingly, that can have unexpected gifts in disguise because not only is my heart broken but it is open, vulnerable and accessible for the love to flow back in. My heart is open, broken and so grateful, honored and humbled by your generosity… I will pay it forward to shine love, hope and optimism into our community. I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given us.

We are so grateful Friends of the family generously helped our family during a scary time. Our family would like to donate back so that we can help other families.

You have no idea what a load off my mind this is. Thank you so very much for the help!

I am writing this letter to thank everyone at Nelson Friends of the Family for the support given to our family recently. On the evening of March 3rd, 2016, my partner was experiencing cramping that was not normal at the time, so we went to Emergency at Kootenay Lake Hospital. (just 28 weeks pregnant with our twins.) The doctors informed us that there were complications and that we would need to be sent to The Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster. This hospital has one of the best Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the country and would be the safest place for the babies. Just five days later on March 8th, our twin girls were born at 29 weeks and are still in the care of the NICU and are doing well. We have been spending our days at the hospital with our girls and waiting to get the okay to hopefully transfer to Kelowna so we can be closer to home. This time away from home and the feeling of uncertainty has been stressful and draining, but being able to stay here with our girls has been a huge blessing. The support that we received from NFOF has been very helpful and gratefully appreciated. The quick response we received has helped ease some of our stress and financial impact of such a long stay away from home. We would like to thank you all for the support and are looking forward to getting back to Nelson with the girls to start the next chapter of our lives. We also plan to contribute anything we can.

I’ve had the intention of arranging a meeting to see the “angels” who helped us so immensely when we are living in such a high state of fear, anxiety & uncertainty during our son’s treatment.

The work you do is so very valuable and we know unfortunately there will be other families facing the heartbreak of an unwell child and the uncertainty of how they’ll manage financially.

I know how grateful we felt receiving your contributions at such a difficult time. Now that we are back on our feet it’s only right to give back so you can help someone else cope.

Thank you for being there for us.

I just wanted to send an email to thank you so much for everything you (and the board) did for us in regards to our dental procedure. The car was great, the hotel was great and she did, and is doing, great. It was really nice to not have to worry about my van breaking down because I haven’t traveled that way in a while and I had forgotten how hard that route can be on vehicles.

That is so fantastic! What a wonderful community we live in, we’re feeling so blessed.

Dear Nelson Friends of the Family Board & staff,

Thank you so much for the financial aid you provided to allow me to accompany my wife and daughter to BC Children’s Hospital this month.

My two year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes this summer, a shocking revolution, yet in a way welcome one as with the diagnosis came treatment and the return of our feisty, energetic little girl.

Our visits with the specialists in Vancouver brought insight to her condition and a new strategy to address it. Our visit also gave us great confidence in our ability to go forward with treating her diabetes. The nurses and staff in Vancouver were impressed with the degree of information we had as well as how we were managing the diabetes. That is a testament to the quality of care we have in Nelson.

I count Nelson Friends of the Family as part of the excellent resources we have in our beautiful corner of the province.

Thank you once more for your prompt, generous support.

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